Source code for biogeme.filenames

"""Implements the function providing names for the output files.

:author: Michel Bierlaire

:date: Tue Mar 26 16:48:40 2019

# Too constraining
# pylint: disable=invalid-name

from pathlib import Path

[docs]def getNewFileName(name, ext): """ Generate a file name that does not exist. :param name: name of the file. :type name: string :param ext: file extension. :type ext: string :return: name.ext if the file does not exists. If it does, returns name~xx.ext, where xx is the smallest integer such that the corresponding file does not exist. It is designed to avoid erasing output files inadvertently. :rtype: string """ fileName = name + '.' + ext theFile = Path(fileName) number = int(0) while theFile.is_file(): fileName = f'{name}~{number:02d}.{ext}' theFile = Path(fileName) number += 1 return fileName